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The Loanworx Mentoring Program has made the finals of the 2019 FBAA Awards of Supremacy. Thank God Mark will be well enough to dance with me on the night as I love to get on the dance floor.

First Things First..
I know I’m late to review September for the Mentees, however, this month I have the perfect excuse; I can blame my husband who has put me through quite a bit of stress with his heart problems. Thankfully, he is doing well, so well in fact that I have cracked the whip and am sending him back to work next week. Nevertheless, it’s always great to have someone to blame. Thanks Mark!

The Loanworx Commercial Mentoring Program

We’ve been working very hard on the Loanworx Commercial Mentoring Program which we launched in September at a sensational venue in Docklands. Well done Melissa, your organisation for this event was outstanding. It was a fantastic night and our team at Loanworx was so pleased to have this event sponsored by ANZ, Scottish Pacific and On Deck and supported by many of the Loanworx Brokers and Mentees – thank you!!! This program is a new initiative for the Mortgage Broking Industry, and we are excited about commencing this program in the first week of November. The Loanworx Commercial Mentoring Program runs over a 6-month period and is very well priced.

We have currently 20 Mentees, many of whom will conclude their lessons this year. We will, of course, be holding a celebratory lunch for this group of Mentees in November. It is so exciting to watch this group progressing so well, they are nearly all up and running and writing loans! It’s such a pleasure for our Mentoring team to see the results of their hard work.

With lending policies, the Loanworx Mentees noted two major changes in the month of September. The first being the assessment rates finally seemed to have been lowered across all lenders. Given our lower interest rate environment, this has been welcomed by all and viewed as a sensible approach.

The second major helpful change for the Mentees was that Geoff has provided all our Mentees and Brokers with an exceptional Living Expenses Tool. This tool has been appreciatively accepted and implemented by all. Well done and thanks Geoff!

On behalf of the Mentoring Team: Melissa Robinson, Geoff McKenna and Neil Lovis, We say thanks to our Mentees for all of their hard work and efforts and remember as my dad would always said “The harder you work the luckier you get”.

Yours Sincerely,
Pauline Ryan
CEO Loanworx Group