Founder and CEO Pauline Ryan began broking over 20 years ago and is a respected member of MFAA and FBAA as well as many other industry groups. Realising that after completing the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, new entrants had no practical knowledge of the industry, Pauline set out to create a program that is:

• Properly structured and sets achievable goals
• Presents real life scenarios for mentees to work on
• Presents mentees with continuous improvement and product training
• Is affordable
• Enables mentees to succeed within the industry.

The program has evolved immensely over the past four years and has been driven by members of the industry approaching the Loanworx Group and asking for an inclusive program that meets the demands of individual groups and allows for practical work life experience from successful organisations.

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Mortgage Broking is a career where you can receive the greatest rewards of all. You not only get to help people, but you get to make amazing money by doing the right thing by people. The Mr Mentor mentoring programme is designed to help you achieve the following:

  • To be successful
  • To gain warm referrals
  • To achieve your financial goals


If you are working in Victoria you could use the followingas an example of anticipated earnings:

Example loan size
Commision (.55%) Monthly Trail (.12%)
$400,000 $1,870 $34
$600,000 $2,805 $51
$700,000 $3,272 $59
$900,000 $4,207 $76

The above numbers are indicative and do not guarantee income. They are based on a an estimated brokerage of 85%. This does not allow for expenses or referral fees.